As the unknown gunman approached Reina, an Istanbul nightclub, on New Year’s Day, the patrons inside were unaware that 39 of them would soon be dead and more than 60 injured. The horrific event was captured on surveillance outside the nightclub where it took less than a minute for the shooter to gun his way through the nightclub before retreating and going into hiding.


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In the first video, there are a few people standing outside the nightclub including a bouncer. Cars are seen passing the road ahead of them, then bullets start to ricochet off parked cars around the club’s entrance.


One bystander seems to have been hit by one of the ricochets. The gunman comes into screen view where he can be seen holding an automatic weapon. Chaos then ensues as he leaves the screen view and presumably enters the club’s front door.


In a separate video, the lone gunman walks into frame, wearing what looks to be an improvised mask. There are a group of men crouching in fear and scrambling as the gunman approaches, as he casually shoots two people before walking into the club.

According to officials, 28 of the 39 killed in the massacre were foreign with their nationalities being confirmed as Canadian, Iraqi, Saudi, Indian, Lebanese, Tunisian, Kuwaiti and Syrian. Israel’s Foreign Ministry said that an Arab Israeli woman was killed in the attack and her friends were also wounded.


The Turkish health minister confirmed to officials that four of the 65 that were wounded are in critical condition. Among the 60+ injured, one an American citizen, Jake Raak, of Greenville. Delaware told NBC News he was at the nightclub to celebrate New Years with his brother Mike Raak.


Mike said he learned of the attack when he received a phone call from his brother. He recalled Jake saying, “I was in a club and I got shot.” The injury, which wasn’t deemed serious, resulted in a bullet striking Jake’s hip and traveling to his knee. Doctors expect him to be back in the US within the next day.