A deadly bus crash is being investigated after a crash on Monday afternoon in Chattanooga. The crash resulted in the death of five children and now the parents of the children are trying to make sense of what transpired.

It’s been reported that the bus driver uttered 5 bone chilling last words to the children before the tragedy took place.


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Jasmine Mateen, a mother whose three children were on the bus, one of whom was killed in the accident, revealed a shocking and disturbing statement made by the bus driver, Johnthony Walker, moments before that crash.


While speaking to CBS radio she stated: “My daughter said, right before the bus flipped, that he was speeding around the curb, and asked them, ‘are y’all ready to die?’ He needs to suffer the way those kids suffered. I want justice for my kids, for everybody else’s kids that were on that bus. Just last week, he told the kids to ‘shut the f—- up,’ he had a hangover.”

Mateen’s losses mounted as of late as she recently took to Facebook to disclose she lost a baby as well.

Walker’s mother, Gwenevere Cook, gave a statement to CNN claiming her son did everything he could to save the children.  She claimed her son called her from the scene: “He said, ‘Mama, I love you. I have been in a drastic accident.’ He texted me minutes later saying the kids are dead. He was trying to get (the children) off the bus — all the bodies were limp. There was blood everywhere.”


While speaking to CNN she also added that she asks the public for compassion on behalf of her son, who is a father himself: “He is a marvelous son. For two years he worked two jobs. He’s never been in trouble before. He is a respected young man, grew up in Chattanooga and is liked by everyone.

My heart of love is going out for all that was in harm’s way of God’s will. Sending out mine and our condolences to every family that God touched yesterday in this horrible accident. And I am asking for compassion also for my son.”


Craig Harris, a parent whose daughter and stepson were also on the bus Monday afternoon, told “Good Morning America” that he wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the bus driver was speeding.

As any parent would have reacted, Harris “almost lost it” when he heard his children were on the bus. “There have been times I have seen him going faster than he probably should be going.”


He added, “That’s the reason why I tried to be there in the mornings when he’s pulling up. And also in the evenings, because some days he would come up the street and drop them off, some days he would go down the street and drop them off, and I’m not a bus driver, so I’m not sure what their protocol is, but I kind of figured that wasn’t something he was supposed to be doing.”


According to the arrest affidavit, Walker, 24, faces multiple charges of reckless endangerment and vehicular homicide: “Based on witness statements and physical evidence, the defendant was driving the school bus at a high rate of speed, well above the posted speed limit of 30 mph.”