British Special Forces ‘Kidnap’ Meghan Markle During Two Day Live Fire Terrorist Attack Simulation

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Meghan Markle’s upcoming wedding to Prince Harry has made her a target for critics of the mostly-symbolic monarchy she is marrying into. Yet those haters typically keep their animosity contained to the comment section. Markle’s new royal role, though, has made her a real target for groups that would do anything to strike an emotional blow to Buckingham Palace.

With that in mind, the SAS are helping prepare the latest addition to Britain’s royal family. Markle spent two days with the special forces, preparing her for what might happen in the case of a kidnapping.

Markle, 36, and her future husband spent two days in Herefordshire simulating the possibility of an attack. The Daily Mail spoke with a former SAS officer who said the scenario was “devised to frighten the life out of anyone.”

“Even though Meghan will have known the enemy was not real, I guarantee that she will have been petrified,” he added.

“That’s why live ammo is used, so she knows what real gunfire sounds like should, God forbid, she ever be in a hostile situation.”

In an effort to make the training session seem real, Markle was “treated like a hostage.”

“She is most likely to have been taught how to form a relationship with her kidnappers,” the Mail adds, citing former Army intelligence officer Gerald Moor.

“Meghan will have found the experience physically and psychologically grueling.”

The training isn’t typical, but experts believe heightened threats made it prudent. Princess Diana went through similar exercises. “Diana ended up winding down her car window and taking a pellet from a flashbang to her head, which set her hair alight,” the Mail adds.

The fire was put out by one of the soldiers participating in the exercise.