BREAKING: Terror in London? Mass Casualties After Car Runs Down Pedestrians

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At least one person has been arrested after a vehicle struck multiple pedestrians on Seven Sisters Road in the Finsbury Park area of London. Local authorities have confirmed there have been “a number of casualties being worked on at the scene” with at least three or four injured based on eyewitness reports.

The incident occurred around 12:20 a.m. local time on Monday morning in Finsbury Park, a portion of the London metropolitan area known for a high immigrant population.

As reported by the New York Times, reports on social media suggest that a van drove down the road, striking pedestrians leaving the Muslim Welfare House, a facility that functions as a community center.

Cynthia Vanzella, a resident of the area who spoke with CNN, said she witnessed “loads of people gathering” at a street corner visible from the window of her home.

“They were very nervous, shouting very loud, trying desperately to make some signs to a police car that was just passing the road,” said Vanzella. “I saw so many of them crying, screaming, trying to get the police and the ambulance.”

She went on to say, “I saw a lot of people injured. They were helping on the pavement and trying to help them to get to the scene.”

Another witness indicated the person arrested might be Caucasian, saying, “People were shouting this is an act of terrorism, even though he’s white. These were the kinds of comments people were yelling out.”

The identity of the individual arrested was not immediately made available.

The Muslim Welfare House is located near the Finsbury Park Mosque, a religious organization that is considered notorious for Islamic extremism. The site is the former mosque of Frenchman Zacarias Moussaoui who was convicted of conspiring to kill US citizens in association with the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks as well as Mostafa Kamel Mostafa who was convicted on charges related to terrorism and sentenced to life in prison in the Manhattan Federal District Court.

Finsbury Park Mosque is a major house of worship, with the ability to hold 1,800 people during services.

The chairman of the Finsbury Park Mosque, Mohammed Kozbar, posted on Twitter after the incident saying, “Our thoughts and prayers with those who got injured and effected by this cowardly attack in Finsbury Park area, many casualties in the floor.”

An arrest has been made in relation to this recent vehicular-based attack, increasing fears among the citizens of London after two other similar incidents have occurred since March.