Hillary Clinton supporters have reached their breaking point with the shocking news that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States, as a massive protest is sweeping the nation.

Democratic supporters couldn’t handle Clinton’s loss and can’t seem to handle the realization that the country isn’t going to run in the normal “liberal way” in the coming month and years.


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In cities across the nation, the protestors are taking to the streets in anger. Late last night there were images of Democrats burning the American flag in protest of the Trump win. They’re holding vulgar signs and cursing Donald Trump before he’s even had a day in office.

In New York, protesters marched on Trump Tower, shouting epithets like “F*ck your tower! F*ck your wall!” Protestors continued their temper tantrum by waving an upside down flag, which is typically reserved for military distress signals in times of grave danger.


While others are hanging President-elect Trump in effigy, as if to suggest the lynching of the newly elected president.


In Seattle, thousands of protestors have flooded the streets to express their dismay in the election. There was yelling and a mob mentality started to take place as if a primal rage took over. One reason for the anger is an apparent disconnect between liberal and conservative voters.

Denver Colorado has been vocal in their displeasure at Trump’s win, but to many people’s surprise, it has been a peaceful protest compared to others around the nation. It has been suggested that the protests have been influenced by the media, trying to further demonize the GOP candidate.

Lastly, in Chicago, a large number of Chicagoans have effectively “shut down” the city according to reports from within the city limits. The protesters have been chanting on the loop proceeded to the Trump Hotel on Wabash Ave.

The protest got so out-of-hand that traffic was blocked on all major roads in and out of the city.

The protestors have sprawled through the city and covered the entire downtown area of Chicago. Chants of “Not my president!” rang through the city. Demonstrators wielded signs with feminist themes against the candidate opposing his so-called “sexual assault” cases that came to light at the tail end of the election.

The protests have started in California as walkouts began across college campuses. More protests are planned for tomorrow. This is only the beginning it seems.