BREAKING: Explosion at Ariana Grande Concert. Fatalities Reported [VIDEO]

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UPDATE 7:13 PM EST:An Ariana Grande concert in Manchester in the UK has ended in violence. Reports from the concert venue say there was mass panic in the arena as an explosion shook fans as soon as the lights went up. It is uncertain at this early stage if this is related to terrorism, but the rumors of bombs and gunshots were enough to send concertgoers fleeing.

There is now an official statement.

Some have speculated that the bang was caused by an electrical short in a speaker.

But twitter is seizing on the panic.

The chaos can be seen in this video above. Many of those in the audience are holding large balloons, which may be the source of the gunfire.

This video, though, shot from the outside of the arena captured the sound of the explosion.

As the fans were panicking and fleeing, law enforcement and first responders were trying to get in.

Witnesses describe a “massive bang,” which is only helping fuel the very real concern that this might be a terrorist attack.

Greater Manchester Police have asked everyone to stay away from Manchester. We’ll bring you more as more becomes available.