BREAKING: Delta Force Gets Let Loose on ISIS. Orders to Target, Capture, or Kill Terror Fighters.

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SEALs Delta Green Beret Rangers

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter told reporters that a new wave of operations will cause ISIS “to fear that anywhere, anytime, it may be struck.”

That statement comes as CNN is reporting that Delta Force has begun operations inside Iraq to target, capture, or kill members of ISIS throughout enemy held territory. Officials confirmed tot he media giant that the group has spent weeks laying groundwork by preparing safehouses and establishing informant networks for operations.

While not disclosing any specific locations, CNN learned from high ranking military sources that Delta Force plans to mirror the strategy used by Special Operations forces throughout Iraq in Afghanistan – gather enough intelligence to stage raids on terror compounds and “safe houses”. Using intelligence captured from these raids, the Tier 1 unit will immediately launch subsequent raids to disrupt the terror network.

It’s the same strategy that worked in may 2015, when Delta and SAS commandos raided a compound in Syria, killing ISIS operative Aby Sayyaf and capturing his wife.

When pressed for specifics, Secretary Carter was a little more guarded.

“The only thing I’ll say is the (Expeditionary Targeting Force) is in position, it is having an effect and operating, and I expect it to be a very effective part of our acceleration campaign,” Carter said during a press conference.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Joseph Dunford added that U.S. forces would “do more in Mosul” to help recapture Iraq’s second largest city from ISIS

Carter added that the U.S. has launched a full scale cyberwarfare campaign against the terror group, with a focus on “disrupting ISIL’s command and control” to disrupt their ability to control their forces in response to special operations attacks.