After what was a truly unprecedented terrorist attack, Jeff Bauman’s life has come full circle. Bauman survived the Boston Marathon bombing thanks to the efforts of Carlos Arredondo.


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When Arredondo bolted from the bleachers during the 2013 marathon attack to help save Bauman who was severely injured, the two were captured in the now-iconic image that embodied the bloodshed, and the selflessness, of the fateful day.

It has been a long road to recovery since the attack more than three years ago. Baumen, who lost both of his legs in the blast, just finished his first road race since getting injured, a one-mile event at Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusetts. Arredondo was with him every step of the way during his uphill battle of getting back to one day running again. Bauman returned that favor to Arredondo when he pushed him across the finish line. Arredondo was in a wheelchair after having leg surgery.


The pair, who participated in the Runner’s World Classic “Celebrity Mile,” were also joined by Adrianne Hassett, another Boston bombing survivor. The celebrity runners crossed the finish line behind Bauman and Arredondo.“I can’t believe after the first lap everyone walked behind me,” Bauman said,

“That meant a lot, to have everyone with me and Carlos.” added Baumen


Bauman was only a spectator that day as he was watching his wife, Erin, run in the Boston Marathon in 2013. He was badly injured in the first of the two bomb blasts. Arredondo was running in the marathon to honor his son who was killed in Iraq. Arredondo heard the explosions and the screams and hurried to render aid to Bauman who had severed an artery in his thigh.


Bauman says he’s staying focused on what’s ahead.

“I really don’t think about the past too much,” Bauman said, “I try to stay in the present and the support here is amazing and people want to see me up and walking with my prosthetics.”