You may have seen a similar design in the superhero universe. Seems all the superheroes these days have motorcycles. Rember Batman’s tricked out bike? Probably most of us can say at one point in our lives, child or adult, that it would be badass to have own one of these beasts. Well, if so, BMW has you covered.

Your wildest dreams can now be a reality with the Vision Motored Next 100.


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The German manufacturer unveiled their unique concept for their motorcycle in Los Angelas this past week. What better place for the reveal than the land of blockbuster action films? It’s safe to say L.A. took notice.


BMW’s bike is similar to the Rolls Royce and Mini cars that were unveiled earlier this year, but without the hassle of being boxed into a car. The open road is yours to conquer with the sleek carbon fiber body kit that conforms to the rider and provides menacing swoop in the tail end of the bike.

The superhero concept bike has an explosive punch but still tows the line with zero carbon emissions.


One thing that riders will appreciate with this bike is the incorporated driver assistance, with its top-of-the-line camera-based sensor. It is essentially an anti-crash motorcycle.

One of the bells and whistles features disclosed during the unveiling of this 2 wheeled powerhouse is a balancing system called the Visor.


Visor is a set of spectacles that are controlled through eye movements. Once again, a feature straight out of a Stanley Kubrick film- the future is now. Well, sort of.

Don’t expect to see the superhero bike roaming the streets any time in the near future.


Harald Krueger, Chairman of the board of management for BMW, told the press, “BMW Technologies are getting smarter by the day. They can learn from humans and adapt accordingly.” He also mentioned the upcoming debuts of the BMW i8 Roadster and the BMW iNEXT in 2021. The future that’s not so far off after all.