“Because No One Would Buy My Photos, Here They Are for Free. Mosul 2017”

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Photographers from around the world are capturing and selling images documenting the conflict in Mosul. However, with so much competition, not every person can find a buyer for their photographs. After Kainoa Little wasn’t able to sell his pictures, he decided to show them to the world anyway, posting them for free online.

Little is based in Shoreline, Washington, but traveled to Mosul in April to capture images as the Iraqi Federal Police attempted to free the city from ISIL militants. The pictures depict a harrowing struggle as refugees were forced to leave their homes and local soldiers tried to protect them.

Some of the photographs capture the action as it occurred, showing civilians leaving west Mosul, Federal Police in firefights with hostiles, and medics trying to assist the injured.

Other pictures provide glimpses into the lives people in trying to live in the area.

Iraqi forces are still trying to secure the entirety of Mosul, though significant progress has been made in recent months. It is unknown how much longer the conflict will continue.

h/t Bored Panda