When the Black Lives Matter movement stormed the streets of Louisiana in protest of Alton Sterling’s death back in July, protesters wrecked havoc in the streets, blocking highways and city streets. Some alleged that protesters were being bused in from out of state to create mayhem.

The protests continue to affect Baton Rouge taxpayers after city officials agreed to pay a settlement fee of $100,000 after protesters claimed they were “unjustly arrested.”


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The Advocate reported the Metro Council voted on Tuesday to pay the money and to split the $100,000 between 92 BLM conspirators. Parish Attorney, Lea Anne Batson, told the Advocate the city will also pay “bonding fees, attorney fees and other costs.”

The large payout will be split between four agencies. The city government, Louisiana State Police, the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office will each pay a share. Each agency will not pay more than $25,000.


The lawsuits stemmed from protesters filing a federal class-action lawsuit. BLM argued that police were “militarized and aggressive,” when coming in contact with the rioters, and police used “unconstitutional tactics” to infringe upon their “First Amendment rights” to freedom of speech and assembly.


After the settlement was approved by council in a 10-2 vote, one Metro Councilman expressed his dismay and frustration in the settlement. “To me, this encourages that type of behavior to happen in the future. I have no interest in paying $100,000 in taxpayer dollars to people who are coming into our city to protest.”

It has been reported that many of the protestors that were awarded the funds don’t even live in the state. Apparently, the belief that protesters were bused into the city to add to the mayhem is true.


Additionally, East Baton Rouge District Attorney, Hillar Moore III, said his office will not prosecute Black Lives Matter leader, Deray Mckesson, and the other Black Lives Matter rioters booked on misdemeanor counts of obstructing a highway.