Veteran Uses Semi-Auto Rifle to Save Trapped Bald Eagle Left For Dead

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A bald eagle managed to get itself hung up good in a tree. He hung there for two days while the agencies who could have helped claimed it was outside of their jurisdiction. Then an Army vet showed up with his rifle, and now the bird is free.

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The eagle was found near Rush City , Minnesota last week. He was caught about 75 feet off the ground, and had twisted under the branch so he couldn’t get upright.

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Jackie Galvin was one of the people shocked at what she was seeing. The eagle has caught its talon in a piece of rope wrapped around the branch. It wasn’t what naturalists would consider a natural problem, and–after two days–it was clear the bird would die in the tree.

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When no one that could have helped stepped up, she went to her husband, Jason Galvin.

“It was very windy and I was just waiting for the right shot,” Galvin said. Galvin served two tours in Afghanistan. Galvin, fired 150 shots at the rope with his .22.

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He couldn’t get close enough with his shots to completely sever the rope, so he fired repeatedly at the branch and chewed through it.

The bird fell, but survived and was sent to the University of Minnesota’s Raptor Center in St. Paul.

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A conservation officer from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources was on the scene during the rescue.

“He told me he was a veteran in the service and he wouldn’t do it if he couldn’t do it safely,” officer Phil Mohs said. “I was like wow, he’s an excellent shot.”

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“There was a lot of tears,” Jason said. “When it finally came down, it was breathtaking. It was a beautiful moment.”

The eagle, in honor of his homeland and his pending re-release, has been nicknamed Freedom.