The NYPD is currently evaluating their 9mm ammunition after a knife wielding suspect’s Carthart work jacket stopped four of the nine rounds officers fired at home on Wednesday.


According to a NY Post report:

“The bullets we have may be defective and that’s very disturbing,” one source said. “When we fire our weapons, we want to make damn sure that our bullets hit our target — neutralizing our target.”

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A sergeant and an officer fired a total of nine rounds at 46-year-old Garry Conrad on Wednesday, with one of the shots killing the depressed Broadway stagehand who refused to drop the blade at West 49th Street and Eighth Avenue.

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Four of the bullets got lodged in Conrad’s Carhartt jacket, sources said, adding that he was not wearing a bulletproof vest.

Another shot grazed the wrist of bystander Lauran Code, a 46-year-old lingerie designer from California.

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The NYPD used mostly Glock handguns, and according to several sources online, the load carried by most NYPD officers is the Speer Gold Dot 124gr +P round.