Life and death. This was the situation Cpl. Michael Wheeler found himself in. The 14-year veteran of the Mount Vernon Police Department in Ohio was fighting a deranged meth addict for control of his gun. Just then an armed citizen showed up to help deliver justice.


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The officer turned his head and saw a gun pointed directly in his direction. “I didn’t know if he was pointing at me or him,” Wheeler later recalled. Dylan DeBoard, who saw the attack on Wheeler, announced he was a concealed weapons holder and was there to assist the officer. At that moment Cpl. Wheeler realized he had just been saved.

The suspect ceased his attack and raised his hands up in the air like a frightened bank teller in a holdup. In a moments notice, Wheeler went back onto the offense and flipped the suspect over and placed him in handcuffs.


This image says it all. Having a concealed weapons permit can indeed help save lives and protect your own.

In late July DeBoard was presented with the Citizen’s Award of Valor for the extraordinary way he intervened and helped a officer and fellow human in need, as well as potentially saving his life.


“Every time I see him, I let him know how much I appreciate what he did,” the officer said. “I wish a lot more of society would do what he did. There were people standing around, but they were just watching. I kept wondering why people didn’t do anything,” said Wheeler.

As for the meth head, he was reportedly arrested for misdemeanor charges and tossed into jail, where, hopefully, he was able to sober up and possibly get his life together.


Moral of the story: Having a concealed weapons permit might just save your life – or maybe even the life of a police officer in need.