Ariana Grande Offers To Pay for the Funerals of Manchester Bombing

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The Daily Mail is reporting that Ariana Grande has offered to cover the funeral costs for the victims of the terrorist attack Monday night in Manchester. The attack killed 22 people, and as many as 20 more remain hospitalized in critical condition. The news of Grande’s generosity comes on the heels of the announcement that she’s suspending her tour.

The news first aired on a site called Ariana Updates! “News on Ariana: Ariana has reached out to the families who’s loves ones died last night….she is gonna pay for the funerals!” they wrote.

British-born Salman Abedi, the man believed to have carried out the suicide attack, used a homemade bomb filled with nails and bolts. The attack occurred in the entrance to Manchester Arena, just as the concert was letting out. As such, many of the dead and wounded were youth attending the concert.

As the names of the victims are being published, several are being identified as parents and guardians who were on hand to pick up children from the concert.

The youngest of the victims is eight-year-old Saffie Roussos.  Another is 18-year-old Georgina Callander who had previously met Grande at a meet-and-greet.

Meanwhile, Britain is on edge. 1,000 troops have been stationed at high-profile sites, taking the place of Police. The government is prepared to deploy up to 3,800 troops to keep the peace.

The bomber, Abedi, is also in the news again. After initial reports suggested he was unknown to security officials, the story is now evolving. He’d actually just returned from Libya. The French Interior Minister, Gérard Collomb, said that Abedi was affiliated with ISIS.  “The intelligence services know a lot of people, and I’m sure we will find out more what level they knew about (Abedi) in due course. But at the moment all they have confirmed is that they did know about him. And as I say, we will find out more when the operation is complete.”