Amidst Threats on Jewish Centers, The First Daughter Begs For Religious Tolerance [VIDEO]

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Eleven Jewish centers received phoned-in bomb threats Monday. The first daughter, Ivanka Trump, made it clear that this was unacceptable and everyone simply needs to have religious tolerance.


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Ivanka Trump took to Twitter to comment on the alleged threats citing, “America is a nation built on the principle of religious tolerance.”

In the same Tweet, the 35-year-old called for protection of worship centers, “We must protect our houses of worship & religious centers. #JCC.”

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Ivanka has a personal interest in these threats as she converted to Judaism after marrying her husband Jared Kushner. The threats were made in multiple states but were predominantly in cities of Chicago, Houston, and Tampa.


The threats, which were found to be hoaxes, has the White House also commenting on the matter. “Hatred and hate-motivated violence of any kind have no place in a country founded on the promise of individual freedom.”


Jewish centers receiving bomb threats is, unfortunately, a common trend/target. There have been a reported 69 incidents since the beginning of the year in 27 separate states, according to the JCC Association of North America.


In turn, the FBI has launched an investigation into the rising numbers of threats on the religion’s centers. The FBI said in a statement to the public: “The FBI and the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division are investigating possible civil rights violations in connection with threats to Jewish Community Centers across the country.”


The FBI has moved past their previous statement of these being possible “terrorist attacks” and are now looking at the threats as “hate crime.”

The director of strategic performance at JCC Association of North America, David Posner, released a statement assuring they won’t be stopped by anti-semantics. “While we are relieved that all such threats have proven to be hoaxes and that not a single person was harmed, we are concerned about the anti-Semitism behind these threats, and the repetition of threats intended to interfere with day-to-day life.”


The first daughter’s stand against religion intolerance is just another example of the Trump family’s desire to Making America Great Again.