American Ambassador gives ‘Make Somalia Great Again’ hat to Somalian President

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We all know of the now historical slogan of President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, “Make America Great Again.” In an attempt to spread American Democracy, The Trump administration is taking its message on the road. Behold the “Make Somalia Great Again” hat.

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That’s right. The US welcomed the newly elected Somalian president (a US national) with this unique and friendly gift of a “Make Somalia Great Again” cap. US Ambassador Stephen Schwartz presented the new Somali president with the gift on Friday. It is a light blue and white hat with the classic slogan, except changed to read “Somalia” instead of “America.” And he loved it!

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Shortly after receiving the gift, the Somalian leader took to Twitter (just like President Trump) and tweeted about his happiness with the special gift and that the meeting was “fruitful”.

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Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking, “Where can I get this hat!?”. The new hat has not been added to the shop on the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, but we can only imagine that it will be on their shortly. You can still purchase the America one for $25 on their store.

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It is uncertain if there was more to this gift than meets the eye. This is in part to the fact of the shaky American relation with Somalia due to a 25-year break in diplomatic relations. US Ambassador Schwartz is the first ambassador in 25 years to visit the country after their government collapsed in 1991.



For now, it is an extremely beneficial situation to be mending ties with Somalia and this gesture can only be a sign of good things to come.

No word yet if this will become a tradition for state visits. The token of American aspiration would certainly be welcomed by some world leaders–those with a developed sense of humor. Yet the global stage on which President Trump now stands hasn’t been altogether welcoming.

Debate is raging in England, for example, where British citizens are protesting the possibility of a meeting with the Queen, who may not value a U.K. themed Trump cap.

h/t RT