Adult Elephants To The Rescue! Drowning Baby Pachyderm Pulled From Pool [VIDEO]

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The video below is something to see. The panic visible from the adult elephants isn’t something you get to see everyday. Nor is the clear display of problem solving skills. When this baby elephant fell into the deep end of the pool in its enclosure, the two adults jumped right in to save it. It is a heartwarming moment.

[Scroll Down for Video]

The images are a bit low-res, but the video below is more clear.

The incident occurred at a zoo in South Korea. The elephants at Grand Park Zoo in Seoul have a small pool in their enclosure where they can cool off.

But the baby lost its footing on the slippery edge and in it went. Most of the coverage has said that the elephant was drowning. That may be a stretch. These animals float, though not well. They also have long snorkel like noses capable of finding air above water, even when the elephant is under the water.

But the creature did appear disoriented. It moved toward a far wall where it still couldn’t get out. By that point, the other two elephants were already there, stomping into action.

They surround the baby, and prop it up.

The elephants were clearly upset by the incident. There’s even a third adult, a bystander, behind a fence. It too looks worried.

The whole thing ended well, though. The baby was guided out of the pool by the adults and learned a valuable lesson. He even seemed to be a bit hesitant to approach the pool.