World-renowned actor, Randy Quaid, took notice of Meryl Streep’s now infamous anti-Trump rant during her Golden Globe speech, and he didn’t take it lightly. In an open letter, Quaid repeatedly poked holes in her arguments about “bullying” and how she is either too inept to see that bullying happens in her industry or she simply disregards it for her argument.


You stated in your speech that ‘when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.’ You’ve got bullying galore going on right in front of you, but either you’re pointedly ignoring it or you just don’t have a clue.”

He went on to address the issue with “fake news” harming people’s characters and careers, something Quaid claimed Streep knew nothing about. “How nice it must be not to have a breath of fake negative press ever written about you, or lies manufactured against you by dishonest media attacking your character, your spouse, and your career.”


Quaid put into perspective his own career that was hampered by bullies in the industry. He explained how Warner Bros exec stole his home using a forged deed and how he was falsely arrested to cover up for an exec’s crime. The actor delved even deeper into his personal life by using instances that he says “ruined” his career.


He had lucrative contracts canceled over media lies and misrepresentations from “anonymous sources” and had his passport revoked by the corrupt judicial system.


If she was advocating for bullies to be taken down a peg or two, Quaid wants to know where she was when he was going through his ordeals in his life. “When all of these things happened to me, no one in Hollywood, including you, came to my side. Forty years in the business and not one brave soul stepped forward to put in a good word affirming my professionalism and character.”


The letter comes to a close with Quaid giving Streep some advice for the future. “The good news is that the American people have finally found their voice concerning corporate agenda’s control and corruption of our news feeds and political results. As artists, that’s what we all should be celebrating.”


There is a strong chance we won’t see Quaid receiving a lifetime achievement award after his career was destroyed by bullies, but his open letter is proof that he still has a voice that can be heard.