A Gameboy That Fits in Your Wallet (VIDEO)

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There are wants and there are needs in life.

A Gameboy style console that fits on a credit card and has no charge for games ever? That’s a need. It’s a pure “Shut up and take my money moment”.

What is Arduboy?

Arduboy is an open platform for people to play, create and share games. A game system the size of a credit card. Choose your favorite classic game from the completely free Arduboy Arcade. Built on the popular Arduino software, it’s also an excellent way to learn how to program! Because you can learn to make your own games, Arduboy is a game system the size of your imagination!

Free Games!

Every game published on Arduboy Arcade will be free, open source and available to be edited.

High-Tech, Low-Cost!

Fitting the same dimensions of a credit card (85.60×53.98 mm), the Arduboy is built to be as thin as possible yet incredibly durable. We spent an entire year working out the best way to balance thickness, durability, practicality, and cost and we are very proud of this result. At only 5mm thick, we have achieved a device that can live in your pocket (or even wallet) thinner than any mobile phone! In the future we want to work to trim this down, but that will take a lot more work and a little bit of magic!


Processor: ATmega32u4 (same as Arduino Leonardo & Micro)
Memory: 32KB Flash, 2.5KB RAM, 1KB EEPROM
Connectivity: USB 2.0 w/ built in HID profile
Inputs: 6 momentary tactile buttons
Outputs: 128×64 1Bit OLED, 2 Ch. Piezo Speaker & Blinky LED
Battery: 180 mAh Thin-Film Lithium Polymer
Programming: Arduino IDE, Codebender, GCC & AVRDude

A polycarbonate front, ultra thin circuit board, and stamped metal back gave us the ultimate combination. A rechargeable lithium polymer battery provides over 8 hours of battery life, and the same cable you use to charge can be used to upload new games!

Thank you for everything!

A year ago the original prototype Arduboy was featured on YouTube, thousands of people have emailed and commented about Arduboy. It’s only because of you and your support that we have made it this far. We hope to give back to the community as much as possible throughout this campaign and the business that continues after. Almost a year ago, the entire internet came together and showed me if you follow your dream, it’s possible to change the world. We want to give back that experience to you! So get your Arduboy today and play, make and share some awesome games!

You can get in on the Kickstarter Campaign by clicking here.