90+ Dead. 400+ Wounded, Including 11 Americans in Terror Attack as Truck Load of Explosives Detonates

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While many Americans were focused on the meaning of a typo in one of President Trump’s late night tweets, a suicide bomber rocked the street of Kabul. There are at least 90 fatalities. More than 400 are injured. The bomb went off at rush hour Wednesday Morning in a secure area of the city. At least 11 of those injured were American citizens.

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Authorities believe the bomb was concealed in a water truck. It exploded in front of a television station and a cell phone store, but not too far fro the German Embassy. The area was packed at the time as many were heading to work.

It is unclear as of now just who carried out the bombing. The Taliban has denied that they were responsible. Whoever pulled off the bombing had to pass through checkpoints to reach this part of the city. Its proximity to international politicians means it is heavily protected.

Layma Tabibi, an Afghani-American, talked to CNN after the blast. She was on site, and said many of the casualties appeared to be people associated with the television station. “Afghans. It’s always Afghans,” she said. “It’s always Afghans that are harmed and get killed rather than who the attacker wants to target.”

It is highly likely that that was exactly who the attack was targeting.

Germany’s Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, released a statement following the attack. “In the attack, officials of the German Embassy were also injured. In the meantime, all employees are safe.” He does not believe that the German Embassy was the primary target. In his view, the attack was “aimed at civilians and those who are in Afghanistan to work with the people there for a better future of the country.”

This is an interesting development in strategy. Rather than targeting the actual enemy, as they are defined by the insurgency, they are now attacking Afghan civilians who are working with the enemy.