70 Year Old Man Engaged ISIS Terrorist in Hand to Hand Combat After Everyone Else Fled the Area

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When a member of the Abu Sayyaf militant group, with a known allegiance to ISIS, crossed through the property of a local Filipino man while carrying an assault rifle, Lolo Peryong, the 70-year-old property owner, didn’t just stand by. Instead, Peryong took action, engaging the man in hand-to-hand combat even as his neighbors fled.

Abu Ubayda, a member of Abu Sayyaf, crossed through Peryong’s property in Barangay Lewis in Calape, Philippines while Peryong was cleaning his backyard. As reported by the Daily Caller, Ubayda was carrying an M16 assault rifle as he made his way through the property, but Peryong stood his ground against the radical extremist, attacking him with a large, single-edged knife known as a bolo.

Ubayda defended against the attack, even taking the bolo from the elderly man during the incident. However, Peryong continued his assault, engaging Ubayda in hand-to-hand combat.

During the fight, Ubayda managed to stab the 70-year-old and may have managed to kill Peyong, but Philippine soldiers soon arrived and shot terrorist, the last surviving man of a known group of 11 militants who had previously invaded Bohol.

Peryong’s was taken to a local hospital where he is recovering from his wounds and is expected to survive.

A state news agency in the Philippines praised Peryong for his bravery.

The armed forces in the Philippines have been fighting against groups associated with ISIS who have been trying to establish a caliphate in the area. Both soldiers and civilian casualties have occurred due to various battles that have taken place across the country.

Militants associated with Abu Sayyaf and the Maute Group, another militant organization with known ties to ISIS, recently took control of the city of Marawi after a failed attempt to capture Isnilon Hapilon, the leader of Abu Sayyaf, led to a large battle.

The terrorists took control of the city including multiple government buildings. The group then proceeded to take hostages, burn schools and churches, and execute the local police chief by beheading him. Numerous civilians have also been killed, and more than 100 inmates from nearby prisons have been released.

The Philippine armed forces are currently working to liberate the city while thousands of citizens are attempting to flee the area.