600 Padres Bobbleheads Appear On Doorstep Mysteriously

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It might be the strangest call one 911 operator recieved: 600 bobble heads of Chris Denofira were dumped in the middle of a condo street.

“I’m now a huge Chris Denorfia fan,” said Philip Jia, who along with his roommates had never heard of the former Padres player now sitting in more boxes than they could carry.

The bobbleheads have spent their time decorating rooms, piled under basketball hoops, and even given out as party favors. Attempts to sell the bobble heads on ebay, for $20 a piece, have failed. Demand simply isn’t what it used to be apparently.

The police have not gotten back to Jia or his roommates, and so presumably this was just a very peculiar gift.