6 Young Teens Stole a Porsche, $200k Cash, and Used it For Extravagant Lifestyles Before Getting Caught [VIDEO]

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Career criminals are getting younger and younger. Six young teens, between 14 and 16 years old, are sitting behind bars in Florida after they committed a burglary on April 27. The teens stole the homeowner’s $60,000 Porsche from his garage and $200,000, the owner’s life savings, from a safe located in the home.

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When the homeowner, Brett Browning, returned home from work, he found his garage door open and his exotic sports car missing. Browning proceeded inside his home to discover his safe open and all of the contents from the safe missing. He also cited in a police report that his .380-caliber Ruger pistol had been taken from his home as well.

The Fort Lauderdale teens, Rural Scott, 15, Jeremiah Laplace, 15, Michael Bush, 14, Joshua Sargeant, 14, Shomari Smith, 14, and Walter Walker, 16, were all arrested and charged with burglary and grand theft after one of the boy’s left identification inside the stolen Porsche, which had been abandoned.

The other five accomplices were quickly identified and brought in, and all but one admitted to the crime. The boy who claimed he had no part in the crime was later linked to the robbery by fingerprints found in the Porsche. As for the gun taken from the home, the boys confessed they threw it into a trash can at a Florida mall.

After grilling the six teens about the large sum of money missing from the home, they eventually admitted that they divided the $200,000 evenly between the six of them. Some of the teens bought flashy jewelry, while others said they bought cars for themselves and their family members.

According to the Daily Mail, one of the boys told police he bought his mom a $80,000 Dodge Challenger Hellcat and his brother a $25,000 2009 Mercedes C300. Another teen said he bought his mom an Audi A4 with his share of the robbery money.

One teen received a form of instant justice as he said he was robbed of his share while walking around one night in Fort Lauderdale.

To make matters worse for the teens, police confirmed that they also stole a Hyundai Santa Fe SUV in order to find an affluent neighborhood they could rob.

According to law enforcement, the boys knocked on various doors inside the neighborhood to figure out which homes were unoccupied. When nobody answered the door at Browning’s residence, they entered the house through a back door that had been left unlocked.

All of the teens have lengthy criminal records, according to police. The first of the teens arrested, Scott, has been arrested for various other crimes nine times in the last year.

He allegedly told his mother of the burglary, but when a local new stationed called her for confirmation, she replied: “Do you believe everything you hear?” before hanging up. None of the teens are being charged as adults in the case.