12-Year-Old Suspended For Selling ‘Sex Toys’ At School. But the Principal Was Way Off. [VIDEO]

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Frances Halbeck, a 12-year-old student at Trinity Lutheran School in Racine, Wisconsin, was playing basketball after school when the principal pulled her out of the game and reprimanded her in front of all of her friends for selling sex toys to other students at the school, giving her a one-day suspension. However, Frances was more than a little confused.

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And rightly so. Halbeck had been given permission by her homeroom teacher to sell long bags full of water that the students called ‘water snake wigglies’ for a dollar each which she was going to donate to her church. The student had read about the toys being a benefit to autistic students and simply wanted to do her bit to help. “It just calms you when you touch it. You squeeze it, it’s cold, and it’s hard to hold sometimes,” she said.

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The principal, on the other hand, saw the ‘water snake wigglies’ a little differently. Frances went home and told her father, Milt Halbeck, what had happened between her and the principal and Mr. Halbeck was more than just a little upset. “In your wildest imaginations, no adult could possibly view this as a sex toy. This is a water-filled bag,” Milt fumed.

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Milt Halbeck contacted the school to discuss how ridiculous his daughter’s suspension was, but was even more shocked to find that the school was standing their ground, the school board was siding with the principal and Frances would indeed be required to serve her suspension. When TMJ4 in Milwaukee questioned him about the matter, the school’s pastor, David Gehne, simply said “We wouldn’t discuss the details of any situation regarding one of our children, they’re all minors.”

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However, Gehne said in a statement, “Many of the students sexualized the use of these toys, which was a disruption to learning that could not be ignored,”adding “Several parents had also complained to the administration about sexual overtones associated with these toys, based on what students were reporting at home, and they expected action to be taken.”

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Frances, on the other hand, believes she’s far too young to be dragged into this type of misunderstanding, stating “I just learned something that I shouldn’t have.” Milt Halbeck says he is going to continue speaking out on the matter until his daughter’s name is cleared of the suspension. See the madness for yourself.

h/t Independent Journal Review