Grace Vanderwaal is the 12-year-old phenom who was crowned champion of America’s Got Talent, taking home bragging rights and a cash prize of one million dollars. This must have been a dream come true for the young singer –  until the haters began commenting, apparently not at all concerned that they are ruining what must surely be the biggest moment in her life.


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Part of her prize includes the chance to perform live October 27th-29th at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. And to put it mildly, commenters on the Internet have had some negative things to say about her winning. Posting on Facebook, many people voiced their dismay, “There’s no way I’d spend big bucks in Vegas to hear a 12-year-old with a squeaky voice strum a ukulele! Just sayin! She’s a sweet kid, but not a Vegas quality act.”


They continued in droves delivering relentless attacks on the New York native, one post claiming she only won because of her age, “Call me hateful or whatever I don’t care but she should not have won. The only reason she won is because of her age and she can write lyrics. IMO she has no singing talent. She sounds like a scratched record. Definitely disappointed with this season.” Apparently, there are some sore losers out there. If America voted Vanderwaal as the winner, learn to deal with it.


Despite the naysayers, many congratulated her on her excellent performance and astonishing accomplishment, “I am soooooooo excited that Grace won!!!!! I swear there are soooo many hateful comments being made towards Grace…. not many 12 year old girls would if been in the top 5 or not alone in the top 3 in America’s Got Talent!!! Congratulations Grace VanderWaal!!!!!!!”


Vanderwaal seemed to find her nitch for songwriting and musical instruments at a remarkably young age. At the mere age of three, she was creating songs. At four, she began taking piano lessons. And at age eleven, she began playing the ukulele which has, as you can see, paid off for her nicely.

She wowed the judges so much that even Simon Cowell called her “the next Taylor Swift.” If Cowell thinks you have talent, you must be doing something right because he rarely approves of anybody.


Many may be wondering what a 12-year-old will be doing with the $1 million? Well, getting a treehouse, of course. She is twelve after all. The rest of the winnings, she has modestly said, will be given to various charities. Don’t see what the haters can say about that! Never heard her sing? Check out the mesmerizing voice of the 12-year-old Grace Vanderwaal.