Well, that’s one less thing to cross off the ole’ bucket list. Edie Simms, 102-year-old St. Louis native, was taken into custody by local police this past Friday after she wanted to get arrested for her bucket list.

The local authorities accepted her unusual request and went all out as if she was a common criminal. Sirens blaring, the officers arrived at the Five Star Senior Center to “apprehend” Simms.


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Executive director of St. Louis’ Five Star Senior Center, Michael Howard, told ABC News how excited she was about it all. Edie was ecstatic at the opportunity to get arrested after 102 years on this earth. Howard said, “She was so excited that she could ride in a police car….She’s just a riot.”

Edie wanted to be fully immersed in the arrest stating, “Do you think you could put those handcuffs on me?”


Mrs. Simms, who is a frequent visitor at the senior center, has been crossing challenges off her bucket list for years now. Just last year, she sewed and stitched 413 blankets, scarves, socks and other handmade items for her friends at Five Star Senior Center.

“Keep going, don’t ever stop whatever it is you’re doing and spend some time doing community service,” she told the local news outlet after her faux arrest. “Sometimes the person you reach out and touch is the only person that they will talk to in a day.”


Simms has quite the sense of humor also. On September 25, she celebrated her 102nd birthday and joked with her local news station, “You can tell what my folks were doing on [the] Christmas before. They were making babies.”


After the hoaxed arrest, she thanked the St. Louis officers who made her wish come true, saying, “It’s a great world if you just open your eyes and look at it.”