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This Navy SEAL Heard a Kid Needed Help. He Stepped Up and Saved the Day. [VIDEO]

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Former Navy SEAL Jared Ogden heard a fellow warrior was in trouble so he gathered his team and sprung into action.

It wasn’t another Navy SEAL that needed help, but a 6-year-old warrior named Mason Rudder who was born with a rare neuromuscular disease and has already endured more than a dozen very painful surgeries. But that disease hasn’t stopped Mason from dreaming of being a Navy SEAL.

“I want to save the country and I want to save people,” Mason explained when asked why he wanted to become a SEAL.

Hearing that, Ogden knew what he had to do. Putting together his team from Asymmetric Solutions, the SEAL gave Mason the chance to live his dream.

“Knowing the lasting impact that was gonna have on Mason, we really wanted to support that and make him a SEAL for a day,” Ogden said.

And just like the real BUD/S class, Mason was awarded a Navy SEAL Trident for completing his training.

HOOYAH, Mason!