Deployments can be hard for the families of the deployed, and each family deals with it in their own individual way. One military wife came up with a way to keep her deployed husband close to home. Ashley Sistrunk found a creative way to implement her deployed husband into the family Christmas card after she was feeling sad viewing her friends’ and family’s Christmas cards.


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The ingenious idea was all possible thanks to photoshop. Her husband Brandon, who is deployed in Iraq, was ordered by the Mrs to take photos she could use to put him in their traditional Christmas card. Brandon knows his wife all too well, and had his Air Force buddy take twenty-five photos so she could pick and choose what would work best.


She spoke to ABC News explaining how the card came to fruition. “Of course with my husband gone, that would make me sad and I’d think, ‘I want him in a Christmas card,’” Ashley said.

“I went to Pinterest and typed in ‘Christmas cards for military’ and I found a couple of different ones and I sent my husband what he had to do. Thankfully he trusts me and it turned out as good as I wanted it to.”


Ashley had her mother take a picture of her and the four children on a snowy mountain background. She then went to work looking through the pictures her husband, Brandon, had sent from Iraq.

“He took about 25 pictures because he knows that I’m very particular,” said Ashley. “He took someone day and they looked great by themselves but they wouldn’t line up with my photo so I had to make him take more and he just went crazy and sent me a bunch more.”


Fortunately, two of the twenty-five images worked out, and she posted them to Facebook. Many fellow military spouses enjoyed and complimented her on her incredible idea and she found fame overnight.

“We posted it on my actual Facebook and a lot of people on my friend list liked it, and I liked how it turned out, but I didn’t at all expect it to turn into this.”


Ashley is doing her best to distract her four children from their father’s deployment during the holidays but understands that nothing can replace their father’s presence.

“I’m trying to keep them distracted but it’s super hard,” said Ashley. “We celebrated Christmas in June because we knew he would miss Christmas. Then when he actually left, ever since then they’ve been praying, saying, ‘We hope he can be home by Christmas.’ My son, the poor guy, he’s the only man in the house now. He says, ‘Can daddy please come home?’”


In order to keep the children’s spirits up, she tells them every night, “’Daddy’s being a superhero. He’s off protecting our country and that’s a very important job.’”