Mason Rudder is a 6-year-old boy with Escobar syndrome. His neuromuscular condition causes limited movement and a decreased range of motion. Mason has already had 10 surgeries in his short life. But his whole world was flipped on its head, when for his birthday, he got to spend a day with the Navy SEALs.


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According to Mason’s father, George, his son’s fascination with the SEALs was partly fueled by the fact that his uncle was a SEAL and his grandfather was in the Air Force.


Knowing that their son’s wish to one day become a SEAL would never realistically be fulfilled on a professional level, Mason’s parents reached out to Asymmetric Solutions who agreed to make his dream come true. Mason then got to do what very few have done, train with the Navy Seals. He was trained by ex-Navy SEAL Jared Ogden who offers training to military service members and the police.

He helped Mason cycled through rounds of firearms training, including M4 and AR-15 rifles, then Mason’s final ‘mission’ was to raid the hideout of a Taliban leader.


The young boy helped his team enter the lair by detonating a real bomb similar to the ones that were used in the 2011 raid mission on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan. Mason said that detonating the bomb was the highlight of the entire day.

“I want to save the country and I want to save people,” Mason said during his birthday event.


Ogden pinned a SEAL trident to the boy’s sweatshirt as a symbol of completing the training. “I want to instill in him that there’s a lot of ways to serve. You can do it in a uniform. You can do it in a lot of different ways. Mason’s got the heart of a lion, and with that heart and attitude, he’s gonna go far. You wear that with pride. Good job, team leader.” “You wear that with pride,” Ogden said to Mason.


Watch Mason raiding a Taliban compound!