This Genius Beer Bottle Opening Hack Will Change Your Life

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Life hacks are popular on social media, and one man’s post about how to open a beer when there’s no bottle opener handy has begun making its rounds. Shared by a Southern Rail rider, the clip shows how part of the train car’s ceiling can be used to help you open a cold one in a pinch.

[Scroll down for video]

As reported by Fox News, Twitter user Patrick Dalton shared his discovery, including a video, with the comment, “Just discovered an @SouthernRailUK life hack!”

He followed up by saying, “I feel like MacGyver or Ray Mears right now,” though quickly added, “I’m going to dial that back to ‘The Fonz’, I was over excited.”

Dalton did note that he may have paid a small penalty after announcing his discovery, saying, “Left the train to discover I’ve lost one of the rubber bits from my earphones. The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away.”

Some users on Twitter were appreciative of the video and commended Dalton for posting the information.

Many others claimed this was already well known by riders of Southern Rail in the UK.

However, the video is garnering a lot of attention and may help some Southern Rail riders enjoy their commute with greater ease, or encourage those who take other forms of public transportation to look at the vehicles more closely in hopes of discovering a similar life hack.