If you are a parent, you already know the long list of school supplies you have to acquire for your child’s school year. Supplies include everything from hand sanitizes to markers and crayons. If you get fed up with doing this every year, take a look at what this mom had to say about the issue.


Monica Brown, a concerned mother, says, “Let’s talk about that list, shall we? I mean, who in their right mind thinks it’s a good idea to request that our kids purchase Expo markers in bulk or boxes of Kleenex that should be supplied already? ESPECIALLY when those might not get used by my kids? Who thinks it should be my job to bring Ziploc bags to school?”


Should this really be the responsibility of the parents? Shouldn’t our tax money be paying for these supplies? So, in essence, aren’t parents being asked to contribute TWICE?

But wait a minute, now it seems that Brown doesn’t mind paying for the supplies?


“I’m not going to buy just the one extra box of tissues because (let’s all be honest here) I can afford more than that. And *gasp* what if someone other than my precious Timmy uses them? Well, then, haven’t I done a good deed for the year for less than the cost of a coffee?”


She does bring up a good point, but remember some parents struggle to get supplies for their own child. If you can afford it, go for it. “We should all be interested in what will create the best learning environment for all these kids, for all these little people who will be making big decisions some day like what to do with YOUR Social Security or how to fix YOUR city infrastructure or how best to treat that cancerous mass in YOUR body.”


Brown is right. We all need to support our schools. If all they’re asking for is a few pencils or markers, then why not contribute? It seems that this is the least we can do to contribute to our childrens’ success. These children are our future and we should give them the best opportunity to succeed.