This Fed-up Coffee Shop Owner Created an Ingenious Way to Deal With Rude Customers [VIDEO]

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Some people look down on those who work in the service industry, or even worse, they are rude and obnoxious because they apparently see themselves as superior. If you’ve ever held a job in the service industry, you have most likely experienced this – maybe daily. Wouldn’t it be nice to occasionally hear a please or a thank you?

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Well, coffee shop owner Austin Simms was tired of it, so he made a bar sign designed to remind customers that it pays to use good old-fashioned manners. The sign states that people who simply ask for “one small coffee” will pay $5/cup. If you ask for “one small coffee, please,” you pay $3. And if you say, “Hello, I’d like one small coffee please”, you will be charged $1.75.

That’s right. Simms is charging the people who use manners and show respect to his employees less than the rude ones. His new pricing policy has taken the internet by storm with many Americans applauding him.

“I decided because I couldn’t solve all the injustices of the world to start charging more for people who didn’t take the time to say hello and connect and realize we’re all people behind the counter,” Simms told WDBJ.

The sign has rubbed some in the politically-correct town of  Roanoke, Virginia, the wrong way with many suggesting it’s “not right.”

One resident in the town took offense to paying extra for coffee because she didn’t say hello. “’One small coffee’ is not rude. It’s simple and efficient. Some of us are busy, tired, late for work, introverted, quiet, have speech problems etc. None of those are reasons to be charged extra.”

Regardless, Simms got some great free publicity, and his method seemed to work, actually increasing business for him. Simm said he came to open the doors one morning,  and there was a line of people waiting to enter the coffee shop after the idea went viral.

The employees have noticed that the customers are all acting very nice now — even those who are normally rude. It appears there is a payoff when you remember to use your manners.