This Dad Can Keep His Baby From Crying With One Sound [VIDEO]

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Parents around the world are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to quiet their crying baby. There are various YouTube videos that show parents different tips and tricks to try, but keep in mind what works for one child may not work for everyone. One motivational speaker has gone viral with over 25 million views in four days after he recorded his method online.


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Daniel Eisenman is a new father that resides in San Diago with his wife and daughter Olivia. Eisenman decided to show off his bundle of joy by creating a Facebook live stream. In the middle of a sentence, he was interrupted by his infant daughter’s cry.

The speaker has a knack for using his words to motivate and now, apparently, to also calm a crying child. Eisenman looks down at his Olivia and begins to making a calming, quiet ‘Om’ sound.


Olivia, who was upset moments before, took one look at her father, heard his voice and her face relaxes and she begins to close her eyes. The new father held the sound for 20-seconds before gradually slowing then stopping. He then sits absolutely still.

Eisenman published the video throughout the interweb for those that were unable to attend his live stream and started the Twitter movement #HowToStopACryingBaby.


People were amazed that a new father was able to do something that millions of parents have tried and failed to do. But Eisenman can’t take all the credit himself. The ‘Om’ noise he emitted in the video is a sacred mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism that is used specifically to quiet and calm a little one.


Users tried to decipher how this sound was able to calm the infant so quickly. “That is because his noise is mimicking the noise of that in the womb… loud and steady,” wrote one user. “This kinda stuff really works. Good job, Dad.”


Tired mothers and fathers through social media came back to inform the others that they tried the technique on their child that night, and it worked. “You may laugh at this but I tried it in desperation last night, and it worked!” another user wrote.


After the success of the first video, Eisenman made another video to address questions from viewers. He informed viewers that this isn’t guaranteed to work every time, but more often than not, it will. His viewers told him they have had it work every time. Parents can now rejoice in the silence and perhaps get a few hours of sleep.