The Toyota 4×4 Camper May be The Most Epic Backcountry Truck Ever Built [VIDEO]

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Toyota has been one of the most dominant off-road brands of the last 30 years. Their trucks and SUVs have exceptional ratings for performance and customer satisfaction. So it should come as no surprise that there’s a healthy industry built around customization. And this might be the most versatile DIY build yet.

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The base is a Toyota Hilux (what we would call a Tacoma). It has an epic camper addition, too, that you won’t find standard on any Tacoma.

Photographer Stefan Forster built this one. He calls it the Expedition V1. That’s a bit stiff, so he usually refers to it by its nickname: Úlfur (the Icelandic word for “wolf”). This truck is perfect for Iceland, where there’s not a lot of asphalt.

Forster came up with the design and built out the truck with the help of Geocar, Hurter Offroad, and Arctic Trucks Iceland. It runs on a 3.0L 225hp diesel engine. The cabin is a one-off. Outside, there’s a TJM Snorkel, Hella lights, a WARN wench… the underbelly is armored, too.

It helps that Forster knows his way around his cameras. The footage here is exceptional. And it isn’t your typical over-blown rig meant to compensate for diminutive reproductive organs, either. Forster takes this over some rough terrain, and through some pretty intimidating water.

One shot even show him driving along the shore of an Icelandic lake, in the water. Just off the left of the vehicle you can see the deep drop of the shelf on which the truck is riding.