See “Ugly” Locations Transformed After Being Captured by a Pro Photographer

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Vijce, an award-winning art photographer, put his skills to the test in a new photo series. The camera expert selected a depressing train station escalator and staircase, and worked to capture “extraordinary” moments in one of the “ugliest” of places. He credits experimenting with perspective for his awe-inspiring results as well as keen observational skills.

As covered by Bored Panda, Vijce wrote, “I’ve captured my favorite street photos in the ugliest of places.” The German photographer admits “it’s a bit more challenging to find the extraordinary in the ordinary,” but asserts that is “what street photography is all about.”

Vijce took a few images to show how the train station would appear to most onlookers and then used his professional experience to capture moments that are surprisingly moving.

Some of the photographs rely heavily on perspective shifts with Vijce capturing images from unique angles.

Others use color and light for stunning results.

The black and white images are also equally as striking.

Vijce also posted a video designed to help people learn to “shoot powerful street photography in ugly locations.”