Parents should take notes on how to respond when your daughter is being punished for self-defense.

This mother stood up to a school after the school tried to punish her daughter for protecting herself from an alleged sexual assault from a male student in her class. And this mother is not playing around when it comes to her daughter’s well-being.


According to the unidentified daughter, a young boy in her class repeatedly tried to snap her bra strap. The girl even brought it to the teacher’s attention, but the instructor reportedly ignored her plea for help.

The boy continued to harass the girl until it escalated to a boiling point when he undid her bra strap. That’s when she turned around, got out of her chair, and socked him right in the face.


Yet to the mother’s surprise, her daughter was reprimanded for her “violent act” towards the male student. The enraged mother went to the school to explain that her daughter was protecting herself from a sexual assault.

“No,” the mother responded to the school’s principal after he accused her daughter of attacking another student. “She defended herself against a sexual attack from another pupil. Look at them; He’s a foot taller than her and twice as heavy.”

She added, “If the person who was supposed to help and protect her in a classroom couldn’t be bothered, what should she have done?”


The mother raised hell and focused the attention back to her daughter’s sexual assault. When she informed the school that she was going to press charges against the boy in question, school officials told her she was overreacting. Once teacher said “I don’t think it was that serious,” while the school counselor added, “Let’s not over-react.”

“You let him do this? Why didn’t you stop him? Come over here and let me touch the front of your trousers,” the mother said to the teacher, who, as you might imagine, said no.

“Does that seem inappropriate to you? Why don’t you go and pull on Mrs. [Counselor]’s bra right now? See how fun it is for her,” she added.


The mother decided to press the issue all the way to the superintendent. The mother ultimately decided not to press charges against the boy. Instead, the school decided to put the boy in another class away from her daughter.

“I hope nothing like this ever happens again, not only to [my daughter], but to any other girl at this school,” the mother said to the school officials.


This isn’t the first time schools have tried to minimize recorded sexual assaults. While most cases occur in high school and college, assaults happen at every school level. Researcher Corey Rayburn Yung, JD, a law professor at the University of Kansas reported, “When it comes to sexual assault and rape, the norm for universities and colleges is to downplay the situation and the numbers.”

He added, “The result is students at many universities continue to be attacked and victimized, and punishment isn’t meted out to the rapists and sexual assaulters.”