A company called RompHim is looking to produce rompers for men and has subsequently raised over $100,000 through its Kickstarter campaign to do just that. But even that level of support hasn’t stopped social media users from chiming in on the idea, including many jokes at the product’s expense.


The Kickstarter campaign for the male romper started scheduled to end on June 13. In the meantime, RompHim has received financial support from over 900 backers. The founders of the line stated that the idea came along when they were discussing clothing options for men, and decided the current fashion options were lacking when it came to versatile and comfortable summer attire with a sense of style.


But users on the popular social media site Twitter questioned the design choice.





Many Twitter users also brought attention to the fact that the idea isn’t entirely original.




At least one saw the name as a “missed opportunity.”


Whether the company will start a new trend is yet to be seen. Delivery of the RompHim Kickstarter backer rewards, which includes a large number of rompers for men, is scheduled to begin in June 2017.

h/t The Chive