Riches to Rags: Millionaire Businessman Gives Away Entire Fortune [VIDEO]

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Businessman Mazzi Dumato once was a millionaire. He would drive the nicest cars and live the lavish playboy lifestyle that any man would envy. It wasn’t until he had a severe car accident and met his now wife that he decided to give it all away.


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After weeks of intense partying, the 38-year-old found himself in jail after he fell asleep at the wheel of his $120,000 Ferrari and caused a five-car pileup. When he was in jail, all he had was a mattress and a pillow.

Dumato was struck by a lightening bolt of realization, “This is all I have right now” he said. “I wasn’t that big shot Mazzi that I thought I was the whole time. It was an incredible realization.”


Once he was released from jail, the young businessman, who made his millions in real estate and web design in Dubai, decided to travel. He traveled to Brazil where he met his now wife, Milena.

She inspired him, gave him something to live for, and ignited in him something that had been missing. Milena soon developed breast cancer, but Dumato wasn’t about to let cancer take her away from him so he paid for her to have a double mastectomy, a surgery that costs $700,000.


After that experience, he wanted to continue to help people so he funded a cancer prevention center in Florianopolis, Brazil that cost $1 million dollars. The rest of his fortune he donated to charities and paid for others’ medical bills. ‘Basically, I gave away all my money,’ he explained. ‘When I left Dubai I had about $3m. I spent around $1m on property and the last $2m went to hospital bills.


Dumato is actually thankful for the car accident which forced him to reassess his life and the traveling he did to clear his head. If it wasn’t for those two things, he wouldn’t have met his wife and found happiness.

He says he watched his wife and realized that there’s nothing like the feeling you get helping people. “This woman really touched so many people from the youngest babies to the oldest people in the village,” he said of his wife. “Everybody loved her, not because of the money she gave them but because of her time.”

The former millionaire now lives in a VW van and doesn’t envy his previous lifestyle. “I now know what happiness is,” he states. Dumato and his wife currently live in Africa and continue to help those around them any way they can.