This is what happens when your mother always said, “be nice, you never know how she may look when she grows up.”

Emma Pope was a high schooler in Texas that was harshly ridiculed for being overweight. Pope weighed over 300 pounds, and after struggling with her weight, She is now getting the last laugh after losing 145 pounds.


The ridicule got so bad that at one point, she attended a school volleyball game. Spectators then began to chanted, “get off the court fatass.” That was the last straw, she was going to do something about it.

Pope worked out four times a day and cut down on her portion size. Now Pope weighs 170 pounds and her bullies are now trying to date her after her incredible transformation.


Pope who is now a nurse explained, “I was bullied a lot at school but I never told my parents. I bottled it all up and never said anything about the hurtful comments kids made, they were pretty awful to me.” Adding: “Even after losing 60lbs at the beginning of my weight loss guys treated me completely differently, it was unreal.”

She set a weight goal at the age of 17, and with perseverance and determination, she finally met her goal this year. The first year she dropped 40 pounds by cutting out her favorite foods of pasta and pizza.


“When you’re a kid you don’t pay attention to your diet, I played sports but then would always have pizza in the locker rooms after. I was way out of control with my portion sizes, I always ate too much and it was always cheese, pasta or bread.”

But Pope has stuck to her goals and wasn’t stopped by temptation. “Before I would eat half a whole cheese pizza whereas now I won’t eat more than a slice and have it with vegetables to fill me up. Before I was athletic as I could have been at 315lbs, but now since losing weight I’m incredibly athletic and never dreamed I could be like this.”


Pope says that her motivation came from the embarrassment she suffered at the hand of her peers, alongside wanting to inspire her future hospital patient. “After I graduate, I want to be the best role model I can be and don’t want to be the unhealthy person giving sick people advice about their lives.”