Mom Drops Daughter Off at College Orientation, Then Texts Her Selfies With Shirtless Football Team

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Dropping a child off at school can be traumatic for some parents, especially soon-to-be empty-nesters. It doesn’t have to be, though. One brand new Texas State mom has shown just how much fun you can have at college, and she texted her freshman daughter some selfies to prove it.

Avery Foster posted the images her mother sent her on Twitter, and the images instantly went viral. After her mother dropped Avery off at orientation, her mom disappeared. Avery’s mother ended up on the football field. And she wasn’t alone.

Her images show several members of the Texas State football team, shirtless, flirtatiously romping around with Avery’s mother.

Avery’s mother included this message with the images:  “I made some new friends. Don’t wait up!’

The images have made many laugh, and Avery seems to be enjoying their attention, but there may be another reason for the posting. The school had actually invited parents to come to the field to see the players practice. And there was a contest of sorts to win a $500 scholarship. All you had to do was post an amusing photo of the school, and your student would be entered into the competition.

The winner of the money will be announced in August. Looks like there’s already a decided front-runner. And it may be worth noting that the whole incident is a refreshing change from the typical brand of helicopter parenting evinced this time of year. As for the example it sets for Avery? That is open for discussion.

And it turns out she wasn’t alone. Other moms were getting gin on the action. This might be a new way to handle advertising. But the fathers do seem to be left out.