Kraft’s New Mac & Cheese Commercial Pays Tribute To Mother’s Who Swear [VIDEO]

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Kraft is one of the most widely recognizable brands in America. Their Mac & Cheese is a staple for many families. It is the go-to food for the picky eater. So why would Kraft risk upsetting the proverbial apple-cart with a commercial that is sure to go viral? The answer there remains elusive, but their newest commercial has left many speechless.

05042017 d4

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And it is hilarious. There are, undoubtedly, some who will take offense at the ad. It may not be playing well in conservative strongholds like Utah. But most of the country is applauding its honesty.

It centers around the notion that parents swear. The focus is on mothers, really, but even dads can empathize.

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The satirical plots stars Melissa Mohr, a scholar who has put together a guide to the use of expletives called “Holy Shit, a brief history of swearing.” She stages some scenarios with children and then offers alternative phrases that might take the place of the parlance of our time. Like this one: “Get off your monkey flunking tablet and get your shiitake mushrooms ready for soccer practice!”

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And when she does lean on more colorful vernacular, the words are bleeped. The best part of this is the animated Mac & Cheese smile that lights up as she says each bad word.

You would think that Kraft would want to maintain their status quo as the industry leader, and not risk upset some of their core customers. That wouldn’t be Kraft, though. The company made headlines a few years back when they replaced the coloring agents they’d been using in their Mac & Cheese recipe without telling anyone.

It was a calculated move, and one designed to get more natural coloring into the product. No one noticed. Not for a while. When the company finally came clean about the shift, no one had anything to complain about.

While this new commercial will surely have some complaining, it is still well worth the time spent watching it. And it is in honor of Mother’s Day, so forward it to your mom, too.