Here’s a List of Locations that the Average Person Isn’t Allowed To Visit

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There are plenty of locations around the world that everyday people can’t visit. Some of the reasons for this restricted access include: it’s a sacred site, it’s a top secret location, it’s for members’ only or it’s a dangerous place. For whatever reason, these places are off-limits and very few, if any, are allowed to enter. Here is a list of 6 locations that you will probably never see.

Area 51

Why not start with the most obvious and high-profile location that everyone knew would be on this list? Area 51. Intrigue has always surrounded Area 51. One of the reasons this base is so well-known is due to the persistent rumors of aliens being held there.

The Nevada base has adamantly denied that there have ever been aliens at the base, but that doesn’t keep people from trying to catch a sneak peek. Obviously, as the military base is currently operational, normal civilians wouldn’t be allowed on the grounds for security purposes.

Disney Club 33

A lesser known location is located in New Orleans Square within Disneyland. The name was created to signify the 33 corporate sponsors of Disney and was created in the 1960s. The secret location includes a full-service bar with servers.

The club also comes with world-renowned chefs for a five-star dining experience. The invite-only membership cost anywhere from a reported $12,500 to $40,000.

Google’s Data Centers

Google has numerous data centers scattered around the world. To date, there are a reported 12 locations where Google stores and processes large amounts of information.

Google openly admits on their website that they don’t allow visitors into their data centers in an effort to keep it as “secure as possible.” Even the IT guys that work on the centers can’t “lounge about” the center.

Coca-Cola Vault

The Coca-Cola vault may be one of the locations you thought you could visit, right? Well, unfortunately, that’s not the case. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the vault holds the recipe that has been kept secret for over 120 years.

The Atlanta location does allow visitors, and I can personally attest that it’s great tour. There’s doesn’t seem to be anyone truly interested in stealing the secret recipe as far as I know. At least there hasn’t been any reports of someone trying to get into the vault. I’m pretty sure you’d be charged with trespassing, to say the least.

Snake Island

Located off the coast of Brazil, the island is infested with the rarest snakes known to man, many of which are deadly. For the safety of snakes and humans alike, the location has been marked off limits to the general public.

If you were curious as to how many snakes may be living on the isolated island, research suggests that there could be one snake for every square meter.

Room 39

The last banned location on our list takes us to North Korea. “Room 39” allegedly is a secret organization that contains the country’s banking information. The banks are thought to be physically located in China and Switzerland, and much of the money is thought to have been gained through illegal means.

So there you have it. Six places that you will probably never visit. And for good reason.