For the Cost of One iPhone X, You Could Get 235 Pumpkin Spiced Lattes Instead

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On Tuesday, Apple announced the newest additions to their line of iPhones. While the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus come in at the expected price points, starting at $699 and $799, respectively, the iPhone X is set to sell for nearly $1,000, or the equivalent of 235 Pumpkin Spice lattes.

As reported by MSN, many tech enthusiasts will be happy to pay a grand to get an iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10) in their hands, but not everyone is going to be willing to fork over so much cash.

$1,000 can go a long way, even today. To provide you with some perspective, here are some examples of what you can buy for the same amount of money.

235 Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes

The seasonal pumpkin spice latte is making its annual comeback, with a tall coming in at $4.25 each. At that price, $1,000 could let you purchase 235 of the tasty beverages, allowing you to enjoy around three per day until the flavor leaves stores in December.

Nine Days at Disneyland

While the price of Disneyland tickets varies slightly, you could purchase approximately nine single day tickets for $1,000. If you buy multi-day passes, the money could get you even more time at the park.

Nine Night Cruise to the Bahamas

For the price of one iPhone X, you could enjoy a nine-night cruise to the Bahamas with a view and have money to spare. Pricing varies depending on port selection, so you may even be able to get a trip for two if you plan it right.

Go to a Billy Joel Concert 10 Times

Tickets to see Billy Joel in concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City were on sale for as little as $100. So, you can either attend his (or a similarly priced) performance 10 times, or take nine friends or family members to the show.

83 Slices of Avocado Toast

If you prefer to have your breakfast at a restaurant, $1,000 could get you 83 slices of avocado toast in a pricey location like New York City at a price of $12 each. For those who live in less expensive areas, your money could go much further.