Hospitals had become a normal location for Kayla Gaytan to frequent. The reason? It all started with an annoying “itch.” Doctors could not figure out the cause especially since an itch could be caused by a number of broad symptoms. After seeking advice from numerous specialists, she finally learned what was causing the itch, cancer.


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Kayla told the “Today Show,” she received the news that her cancer had developed into Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The news came a week after she married her military husband, Charles, who is a sergeant and is stationed at Kentucky’s Fort Campbell Army base.

The news, as expected, was hard on the newlyweds but Kayla was adamant about not letting this take her out or ruin her marriage, so she followed the doctor’s advice and immediately began chemotherapy every other week. Five months later, she was told her cancer had regressed.


Once she found out she was beating cancer, the Army wife turned her efforts back to her husband and talks about having children of their own. However the doctor informed her that it would be highly unlikely that she would be able to conceive a child.

A month later, the couple returned to the hospital to check on her condition. But there was more unexpected news, this time good. They were pregnant—with four babies.


Kayla was in awe and knew that if she could beat cancer, she was going to make it through the pregnancy. She told  WLEX in an interview: “If I could make it through cancer, I could make it to 34 weeks [of pregnancy].”

Sadly, the joy was short-lived. 28-weeks into her pregnancy, Kayla got the news that every cancer survivor dreads, her cancer was back. Doctors said they could see tumors growing inside her lungs and decided to move the delivery date up to 30 weeks.


Charles was heartbroken that he would have to see his wife go through the unbearable pain that comes along with cancer. “She worked hard to get over [cancer] the first time, and then to have to go through it over again…It [broke] my heart.”

Kayla fought through the pain and delivered 2 healthy boys and 2 healthy girls via C-section, all of which weighed 2-3 pounds each. The infants were moved to the NICU, where they will likely stay until February. The delivery took a toll on her body and because of the births, the cancer was able to spread.


To combat the spreading of cancer, she has to endure 16 more grueling weeks of chemotherapy. Her doctors have given her a 50 percent chance of surviving the next 5 years.

Kayla, as she has been so privy to doing, isn’t going down without a fight and she knows she has a plan for her future. “We know that [God has] got to have a different plan up there for us, and surely everything’s going to work out in the end.”