7 Useful Home Products Seen on ‘Shark Tank’

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The TV show “Shark Tank” is a favorite for many viewers. Every week people attempt to become entrepreneurs by impressing the billionaire investors on the show. Sometimes the product ideas are laughable, good only for comedic relief, but others come with genuinely good products or services. All they need to make it work is capital.

This list will look at the best home products seen on Shark Tank that are actually useful and successful.

A Suction Silicon Placemat

For anyone who has children, you know getting them to eat without making a huge mess is a challenge in its own right. Plates are spilled or knocked off the table constantly, either by accident – or on purpose.

If you are a parent with this issue, then the silicon placemat seen on Shark Tank is perfect for you. No longer will you need to worry about children throwing things off the table. Instead, the placemat sticks to any surface. They’re as cheap a $25 on Amazon.

A Safe and Natural Flea and Tick Removal Spray

Now pet owners may be thinking, “I have plenty of flea and tick removal spray. Why do I need another?” Well, this is a healthy alternative to protect your dog from the harmful chemicals that are typical in other flea and tick sprays.

Reviews of the spray have been positive, and users feel that their pet is getting the same level of care as a vet would give. Amazon lists the spray at $25.

Damage-Free Picture Hanger

We have all been in a situation where we try to hang a picture or a poster only to damage the wall. There have been other products created to try and rectify this issue, but many have a steep price tag and lackluster performance.

One Shark Tank inventor heard the cries of college students and parents alike, creating a magnetic sticker to hold pictures up without putting holes in the wall. An 8-pack of these goes for around $11 on Amazon.

Pre-cut Cooking Sheets

When it comes to baking delicious baked goods such as cakes, there is always the dreaded process of trying to get the baked good out of the pan in one piece. Nobody wants to destroy the baked goods they just spent precious making.

What if you could lay a pre-cut cooking sheet in the pan that allows you to easily retrieve your cake without any of it breaking apart? If this interest you, Amazon has a 24-pack of these pre-cut sheets for $8.50.

A WiFi-enabled Sous Vide

This one may be a bit pricier than the other products on this list, but one could argue that the streamlined capability of a wifi-enabled Sous Vide is well worth the price tag.

This Sous Vide allows you to set your recipe and use the app to control the temperature while you are away from the kitchen or making a run to the grocery store for your next meal. For $200 you may be hesitant to pull the trigger on this home product. But if this sounds like a good investment, you can pick it up on Amazon.

A Muti-Purpose Hot Dish Grabber

Let’s keep the list going with the kitchen product Safe Grabs. This is a product that you won’t have to go rummaging through your draws to find every time you need to grab something out of the oven.

This product is multi-versatile and can be a jack-of-all-trades product in your kitchen. This can be used as a splatter guard in the microwave, a placemat and a tool to get the hot products out of a microwave or oven. Amazon has this product listed for $23 for a two-pack.

Reusable Bamboo Paper Towels

To close out the list, we saved the best product for last. We all go through paper towels like crazy. It’s just an endless money pit. Use them, throw them away. Money might as well be falling out of our pockets.

Reusable paper towels have been done before, but what sets this product apart from its counterparts is the bamboo. 30 rolls of this product are the equivalent of 430 rolls of paper towels. You owe it to yourself and your bank account to pick these up for the low price of $12 on Amazon.

So until the next invention comes around, be on the lookout for these products, designed to make life easier. And who doesn’t want that?