If there is one thing girls do not like, it is messing with their hair. Freddy McCollum learned that the hard way.

Apparently, guys going around yanking a girl’s hair or ponytail, then yelling “yaga” is a viral trend right now. Most of the time, the girls laugh it off, but not this time. McCollum pulled a girl’s hair, not knowing that her hairpiece would come completely off after the tug. Mayhem shortly ensued.


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In the video that has been viewed more than 47 million times and rising, you see a group of boys sitting behind a table full of girls. Each boy, one by one, pulls the hair of his assigned victim.


Everything goes as planned until the third boy grabbed the girl’s hair in front of him. McCollum ppulled her hair completely off her head. His action was met immediately with a fierce smack in the face that knocks him out cold.


The funny footage was filmed by a Vine user, Samuel Grubbs, at Wingate University in North Carolina. Grubbs is known for his popular vines. Needless to say, once Grubbs posted the video on social media, it spread like wildfire.

Commentators on Twitter thad a field day making light of the smack that did him in.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘She slapped that man back to the first century’.

Another user said: ‘She slapped him into the next life’.

The last viewer wrote: ‘Look at the last dude’s face – he immediately knew he messed up’.


What response do you expect if you pull a girl’s hair? Especially if you rip her hair out completely? It does seem like a justified response in light of what he did to her. Talk about instant karma! Let’s just hope he learned his lesson and doesn’t play this viral game again. For his sake.