McDonalds may seem like an odd place to begin criticizing people for their weight, yet that is exactly what happened when two women waiting in line at this McDonalds began berating an overweight man.

Or so it would seem. The whole stunt was part of a social experiment designed to see how the other patrons in the store would react to the fat shaming. Yet one witness had enough and brought the whole experiment to a dramatic close.


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The experiment was originally conducted last year but the video is now going viral. The blonde and brunette pair mocked the man that was in line at the diner saying, “[he’s] already too fat and that [he] needed to either leave or get a salad.”

As the overweight man tried to get a word in, the two women stopped him in his tracks and continued to harass him. It seems he was alone in this fight until one man tried to comfort the overweight man by putting his arm around him.


Then the hero of the hour emerges to put an end to the fat shaming once and for all and to put these rude women back in their places. The hero lifts up his shirt and shows his belly and proclaims, “I’ve got a belly as well, what?” but one woman quickly retorts, telling the hero, “It’s nothing compared to that.”


The hero sneakily slides his lid off his drink, and seems to be contemplating if he should go through with what he is about to do. Finally, he goes for it. He pours his beverage all over the brunette girl’s head and the restaurant subsequently goes wild with applause.


The social  experiment was aimed at seeing whether or not people in the fast food chain would stop and help or just sit back and let him take the abuse.

This man certainly passed the test with flying colors. Bravo!