New Gallup Poll Shows Exactly What Americans Really Think of the “Assault Weapons” Ban

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A new Gallup has provided some bad news for Hillary Clinton, and what she sees as her mandate to enact comprehensive gun control measures. This new poll shows that public support for an “assault weapons ban” is as low as it has ever been.

How low? Just 36 percent of those polled indicated support for such a ban. In addition, a staggering 61 percent are opposed. These numbers are not what Democrats had hoped for, and show there will be stiff opposition to new regulations.


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This new poll also shows that support is eroding. The numbers of democrats that supported such legislation back in 1996, after Bill Clinton managed to get massive restrictions passed, where higher: 63 percent. Now that number has dropped to just of 50 percent.


Even those who don’t own guns are opposed to a ban. The poll found that 45 percent of those who don’t own guns would support a ban.


Those in favor of the ban are struggling to explain the drop in support. As the nation sees an increase in domestic terror, and civil unrest, those in favor of the ban expected Americans would willingly give up their constitutionally protected rights. Yet that isn’t happening.


The report of the poll’s findings began included conclusion:

“Perhaps paradoxically, opposition toward a ban has increased against a backdrop of multiple mass shootings and terrorist attacks in which the perpetrators used assault rifles. These guns were used in high-profile incidents, including the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, California, and Orlando, and the mass shootings in Aurora, Colorado, and Newtown, Connecticut.”

American AR-15
American AR-15

One significant issue with the polling had to do with methodology. The poll’s report uses terms like “assault rifle” and “assault weapon” interchangeably. Both terms are unnecessarily abstract, and open to debate. The terms are seen by some in the firearms industry as incendiary, and their use is meant to characterize an object by a set of behaviors. Yet even with the stigma that phrases like “assault weapons” carry, the majority of Americans are opposed to a ban.

Gun Rights Rally

Will these numbers be enough to sway Clinton? Hardly. News broke last week that, in the absence of support, Clinton was already considering the possibility of executive action.


Want to hear Clinton wax poetic about how she interprets the 2nd Amendment?