“Geronimo Geronimo Geronimo for God and country. Geronimo E-KIA”.

Those are the words that came across the radio on May 2, 2011 as a team of elite Navy SEALs flew back from a daring raid of a small compound in Abbotabad, Pakistan to kill or capture the most wanted man in the world, Osama bin Laden.

[scroll down for video]

E-KIA means enemy killed in action, letting the President and his advisers know that bin Laden was dead.

The rifle used to end the life of the world’s most wanted man is an Heckler & Koch 416 with a 10″ barrel and a list of accessories to make any gun lover drool with envy:

AAC Suppressor

Geissele trigger

Remington RAHG

Surefire Scout light

S&S Precision light mount

Magpul vertical grip

Magpul stock

EOTech optic

EOTech 2x magnifier

Advanced Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Laser (ATPIAL)

So, for just about $15,000, you too can have the coolest gun on the block (minus killing bin Laden. You missed your chance for that.)